Modular construction offers a wide range of design solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each project. Modular construction is adaptable and can be used for a wide range of project types, including housing, education, healthcare, hospitality, commercial office, government, and retail.

Off-site outputs include componentized, panelized, and modularized elements deployed in the service of structural, enclosure, service and interior partition systems. 

Modular construction also offers the trade an opportunity to make a step change by shifting many aspects of building activity away from traditional construction sites and into factories with off-site engineering-style production


Modular Construction is a type of construction that involves building homes in sections or modules in a factory setting and then transporting them to the building site for assembly. The process of building a modular home typically involves six steps: Preparing yourself adequately Obtaining the necessary permits Choosing the layout Waiting for the components to be built Assembling the home Obtaining the certificate of occupancy 1. Modular construction has been around for over a century, but it has become progressively popular in recent years due to its many benefits such as cost savings, speed of construction, and flexibility in design 2. Modular homes are also more energy-efficient than traditional homes because they are built with high-quality insulation and energy-efficient windows and design depends on the needs of the home owners in compliance with the Building codes for every states

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Step 1
ADU Analysis

Site Visit, Choose your ADU model, ADU plans and costing

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Step 2
Construction Design Agreement & Permits

Construction Documents, Application of Permits to Appropriate Authorities

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Step 3
Site Works & Modular Construction

Site works including Excavation, Foundation, Plumbing, Water, Power. Onsite construction and off-site home construction can begin

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Step 4
Delivery and Installation
Your completed home is then delivered to your site and and can typically be installed on your new foundation within a day!

Our Models.

The Apex

780 SQFT
Model Starting at $149,000

2 Bedrooms

1 Bathroom

Apex Plan Model -1

The Summit

510 SQFT
Model Starting at $119,000

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

Summit Model Floor

Epic Modulars offers a pre-approved plans. We are expanding to provide a wide range of design solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each project. 

Simplified and practical plans are what we offer at Epic Modulars that is essential for the ease of construction at the site. 

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